Bishe Apartment Project

Bishe Apartment is located in one of the old and famous quarters of Esfahan. Due to the vicinity of this quarter with Zayande rood and its green band, it enjoys a unique potential status. Two advantages of perspective and view can be considered as the most important factors.


Bishe Project

This issue was chosen as the project’s main idea, therefore, three cubic forms with the maximum openness consist of the overall constructional façade of this project, to provide light and view, while offering the maximum simplicity in form.

Open spaces facing the park, and the continuation of the outer and inner spaces are amongst the results of these forms. 

More Informations

These apartments include two type units and a duplex unit. In the ground floor level, parking, janitor room, and lobby are established, while the basement is allocated for the pool, sports room, party, and celebration hall.The client asked for luxury spaces, so the last two floors were designated for this purpose. The staircase as the backbone was located in the center of the plan and divided it into life and function parts and two left and right sections. In order to maximize the view and perspective, areas like sitting rooms, kitchens, as living spaces, were built southwards and spaces like guest rooms and main hall were located on the north. Others include the connection between outside and inside. For the kitchen, wood material has been used. Also, the family sitting room is a wooden suspending cube between the two floors, that as a matter of fact, is an offset of cubic form. Walnut wood is used in this project, which due to its special color and texture, can induce the sense of nature and being in nature more than other types of wood.





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